10 months on

This blog got forgotten. I was 30 weeks pregnant when I last wrote on here and now my baby is already 8 and a half months old. She’s been crawling for a month already, is babbling away and cruising the furniture.

Our eldest is having a rough time with jealousy issues though she loves her sister dearly. We have been homeschooling her all year – her reading is coming on nicely and she is learning to write. Right now her greatest interest is swimming lessons though and with it being a hot summer she has spent quite a lot of time in our pool which I managed to get blue a few weeks back.

I have started locumming though not very often. Our youngest does not like me leaving her and has far worse separation anxiety than our eldest ever had, but I must work some and she will have to get used to me being away a bit.

We do not have much planned for the rest of the year. It is already November tomorrow and I suppose we should start thinking about Christmas. This year has flown by – in February my baby will already be a year old and it seems only yesterday that I was holding a newborn.


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December 2010

Its been nearly a month since I last wrote on here and I highly doubt that there will be more than about a post a month – life is just too crazy and busy and tiring. I am now 30 weeks pregnant, Christmas is just around the corner and I have finished all Christmas shopping only this morning with my preschooler accompanying me which made things a little difficult.

I also bought a dishwasher this morning and tomorrow someone will deliver both the dishwasher and also our lounge suite and baby compactum which have been at my in laws house for ever so long. I am very happy about this though who is going to help move all the furniture around to be able to fit everything into our house is anyone’s guess – just carrying heavy cooldrinks down the escalator at the shops today set off Braxton Hicks contractions and even sitting on our lounge suite that needs to be thrown away also seem to set them off so I will be moving nothing (well at least that is what should happen but is unlikely to) Besides tomorrow I have a full day at work.

Laurana is doing well. She is reading very nicely and was reading many of the signs in Wimpy today where I took her for some food after the shopping. She has also been less difficult today and yesterday so maybe she really does feel much better after having chicken pox the last two and a half weeks. Today I started reading some Disney encyclopaedias to her – we read about early dwellings and she enjoyed it quite a bit despite the text being long – tonight she will tell her Dad she wants to be a troglodyte and go spelunking. I think homeschooling her should be fun as she learns so easily and enjoys so many things.

As for baby its still early days yet although if this little one comes as exepcted at about 38 weeks then I will have only 8 more weeks left and in actual fact I would really prefer her to decide to come on her own sometime between 37 and 38 weeks before any doctor can decide to intervene but the chances of that are small – nonetheless I can still hope and pray about it – just not too early baby – I want you healthy first and foremost!

Philip and I have had a rough month made harder by his work, my pregnancy and our exhaustion. I am hoping that Christmas will be a good break for us and I also know that stopping my own work should hopefully decrease my own work load and make things a bit more manageable for me.

Once Christmas is over I am hoping to plan a bit for homeschooling Laurana taking into account that a newborn baby is arriving sometime quite early in the year and that I have no clue how this is going to disrupt our routine – I know it will, but I do not know in what ways.

Also on Januray’s list of things to do is make sure I have everything ready for the baby, that my hospital bag is packed and that the medical aid is sorted out. I have done some of this, but will need to check everything and finish it and also find out when my mother plans on arriving and that we have a back up plan should anything happen earlier than expected.

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I’m Bronwyn and have been married to my husband, Philip, for just over 4 years now. This blog will be mostly about me and my children and our family life. At the moment I am pregnant with our second child, also a daughter who is due to be born in February 2011. My other daughter, Laurana, turned 3 recently and has been attending a play school since April this year. However, with the baby about to arrive, we are considering starting homeschooling full time with her. I am working part time as a veterinarian close to home and have been doing so since April as well although I have practiced since 2004.

Because this blog is about me and my children it will probably contain a lot of varied information – I write what I happen to be thinking about at the time. Naturally there will be posts about homeschooling and thoughts on education. There may be thoughts on veterinary science too or the country we live in. I am diabetic and pregnant so suspect I will type about that too and since married life plays a large role in my life you can exepct comments on that too. Finally last year December I was diagnosed bipolar and while I have been off medication since I fell pregnant that is sure to come up to along with comments on hormones and their impact on me since I also suffer from PMDD.

I do belong to a community that deals with infant education also and my three year old is bright and is already reading at about a first grade level so expect to see posts on this too. She is also highly imaginative and I like to record her conversations and ideas.

So basically expect anything and everything – it could make blogging slightly interesting and varied. Finally while I do try to spell check and fix anything that I do see, expect to see a lot of spelling errors simply because I type faster than I can check it and do not like editing it.

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